Keywording from Scratch: our Top Tip
27 February 2018

Our partners are our most important asset - so we've decided to share our little tricks and treats to help you turn your campaigns into gold!

This March we're dedicating to all the SEO Rock Stars among you!

Buckle up cause we're about to disclose 5 of our expertise marketing-secrets on...

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How to choose the BEST keywords for your Website


1. Needless to say that every Keywords-Journey begins with a decent brainstorm. Start with the phrases that would be your building blocks, phrases or words that don't need to be modified and are the most relevant to your business.

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2. Scan for all the related terms to your building blocks that can be added to your list. But don't trust your brain for it! The internet is full of tools that will gladly do your job for you

***see our Top 5 Tools selection below


3. Take all your basic Keywords, and create longtail keywords. In other words: specify your wider phrases to the specific niche you're dealing with.


4. When longtailing keep in mind that you can always repeat words but only if the meaning of the whole phrase varies significantly. Meaning: Scratch-Games and Scratch-Games online will get you the same results whereas Scratch Games reviews and Scratch Games comparison refer to slightly different themes.


5. Ask us! After more than a decade in the business we know the drill and we're more than happy to share!


Ping us on Skype or write us by Email and let's work on your success together!


*** The list is endless, but you can definitely start with our Top-Five selection:

Google Adwords Keyword Planner– goes without saying. Google's always first.

LSIGraph- provides a long list of Google autocomplete suggestions.

Keyword Tool – free and easy to use, especially when getting strated.

Moz Keyword Explorer - You can search for keywords to find related terms and search volume.

Quora - great starting point for generating keyword lists.



Have other topics you want us to cover? Let us know what interests you most! 


Ride through the sky or Alchemical mystery?
27 February 2018

You don't need to choose, we're launching both games this month!  

With these two new games, high in both innovation and originality being released in March, you can get your players to see just how unique our brands really are.

Happy Flight

Take off with Happy Flight, the5-line 3 row video slot dedicated to Female Pilots. Complete with a cartoonish audiovisual display and special features of free spins, random wild airplanes and top prizes of 5000 times your original bet.

Potion Master

Potion Master is a mysterious and delicately crafted 12 card scratch game with a match 1 to win.  There are unique and magical features such as the 'Rune' which can transform TWO losing icons into a win. Yeah it's THAT powerful.


Want to make the most from the new games? We have everything you might need to really rock it.

Contact us to help you scale your campaigns! 


How great was London?
12 February 2018


Thanks to everyone who came visit us at the Affiliate Summit and the London Affiliate Conference... Double Thank you for those who've visited us at them both!


We look forward to scaling things up with our old partners and starting new successful cooperations with the new ones!

How to do it? With simple 3 steps:

1. Sign Up using the Log In button above

2. Contact us on Skype or Email to get the best deal and best creative materials

3. Start making MONEY! 


Looking forward to working with you 


London - HERE WE COME!
4 February 2018

Don't worry about the cold casue this upcoming week, London is THE hottest place to be


We're coming to sweep London off its feet - with two of the leading affiliate conferences in the business:


  • Affiliate Summit Europe (6 -7th February) Booth 34
  • London Affiliate Conference (LAC- 7th-10th February) Booth C-34


Are you coming too? Ping us on Skype or write us by Email to set up your meeting 

If you're missing this years London events - write us where you're planning to go next!

Maybe we'll join you there as well ;)



Bring Out The Love
31 January 2018

The Valentine's Tournament

Dates: 6-14th February


Your players will fall in love with the Valentine's Tournament! 


With the countdown to Valentine's Day started, all our players are invited to wager their way to a big prize.  Like our other tournaments, players get to collect points by wagering on their VIP level, giving all players a chance to take home cash prizes – and you the opportunity to make EXTRA commissions.


In our special love-themed promotion, we are showcasing our new beautiful and Full-Of-Love scratch game "Heavenly Love" featuring the two lovebirds Cupid and Cupidette. In this beautifully designed, intuitive double scratch card players will be getting 150% more on their wagering, so it pays to devote your players to our new game…and to LOVE! 


How does the promotion works?


  • All our players gain points for playing all our games between 6th -14th February
  • High point scorers will reach the top of the VIP scoreboard,on their player level
  • Our specially featured game 'Heavenly Love' gives players 150% points.
  • At the end of the promotion, the top 25 scoreboard players on each VIP level, will be awarded incredible prizes (IN CASH!)


And how do you profit form it, you ask? Easily!

Contact us by Skype, or drop us an email – and we'll shower you with love 

...AND with dedicated creative materials for this amazing promo that will boost your conversion!


Happy Valentine's!