Puppies. Puppies Everywhere.
22 August 2018

Coming soon

Puppy Spins: the game that’ll make your players fly through the woof!

Okay, so most importantly -puppies!!

But we guessed you’d want to know a bit more, which is cool, because this game has a lot more to offer than mere cuteness. Puppy Spins  is 5x3, 9-paylines video slot with Wild Icons; Free Spins with amazing multipliers; a second-screen, pick-until-you-lose bonus, and max wins of x5,361 players’ bet!

By “Free Spins with amazing multipliers”we mean that when player land 2 Free Spin icons, they win x2 their bet; 3 FS icons = x5 the bet; 4 FS icons =  x25 the bet(!) - and - wait for it - 5  Free Spin icons = x100 their bet!

What about the bonus round? 3 bonus icons on a payline get players into the Bonus Round. But if they get 4 or 5 bonus icons on a payline, they enjoy more multipliers of a different kind: Four bonus icons will multiply all their bonus prizes by 3! Five bonus icons will multiply all all their bonus prizes by 5!

Get your paws on it.



Wild Honey - the bees’ knees!

Put on your bee suit and dive into a potful of unadulterated (honey and) joy - a secret portal to a world where everyone is awesome, everything is buzzing and everybody wins!


This buzz-filled 20-payline 2-3-4-3-2 honeycomb-structured video slot game with wins up to x12,785 the original bet comes highly recommended.


An Oldie but a total Goldie!
1 August 2018

Coming soon: ClassiCash - an oldie but a goldie!

ClassiCash is a Match-One-to-Win scratch card with an unexpected twist and a dark, delicious old school feel. Laid out as a 5-reel slot grid rather than a traditional scratch card with a super cool bonus icon that turns two random losing icons into winning ones, ClassiCash is designed to appeal to scratch card and casino lovers alike.

Available on both mobile and desktop, the game consists of 12 different icons, with 3 Reference Icons appearing on the left-hand side of each slotty-looking card. The aim of the game is to have one of the icons on the reels match one of these Reference Icons in order to win.

-Players can play single manual rounds, or up to 1000 ‘Automatic’ rounds.

When a win happens, the Reference and winning icons animate and glow in celebratory glee as a shimmer glides from the winning sum that appears alongside each winning icon to the ‘Total Win’ field.  The max win is x10,000 players’ bet.

When a bonus icon appears, a rectangular stoke will randomly move through the icons on the screen until it stops on two different icons, transforming them from losing to winning icons.

ClassiCash’s classic, old school feel is augmented by fun, classy sounds that both scratch card and casino players and fans are bound to love.

·HTML5 game, available for game-syndication via web, mobile and tablet devices.


Offer your ClassiCash to your players

For more information about ClassiCash - contact us!


Highly Recommended: Beer Garden - When merry goes 'round  

If you haven’t had a chance yet, you should totally check out this new Oktoberfest-inspire slot happiness our players adore. With traditional Bavarian tunes that transport you right to the heart of the festivities + Stacked Wilds during Free Spins and wins up to x 11,910 players’ original bet. Pretzels, juicy bratwursts, and overflowing beer jugs on the house.



Get ready for an AWEsome show!
11 July 2018

Affiliate World - ready or not, here we come (and we’re ready)! Come say hello at the Netopartners-sponsored meet-up event or at our conference booth, or both!


BCN Affiliate Meetup, July 17th, Malamar Wakepark


Think private beach. Think water sports & beach games. Think music & drinks nonstop! Could you think of a better opportunity to network? We couldn't either!

So we’re sponsoring this amazing event that you definitely want to be part of. 

Want to show off your hidden talents, or simply grab a cocktail and enjoy the vibe at one of Spain's best locations?

Ping us for tickets!

AW Barcelona, July 18th-19th, booth C-32

Mastermind level content from top affiliate and eCommerce marketers? Check! Amazing networking opportunities? Hell, yeah! Mind-blowing events and exhibition floor? You bet!

Be there, and come to our square: the Netopartners booth will be wide open for you with drinks and surprises on all days, anytime. Want to get the most out?

Set up a meeting with us!

July's Slots Trio
25 June 2018

Live your dreams; fight the zombies, and experience our very first 243-Ways-to-Win slot game to feel like you’re owning life from the top of the food chain.

Live the Dream | Slot (NEW on mobile)

5 reels | 15 paylines | | Max wins: 4,800 | Now HTML5 cross-device

Step into the shiny shoes of a plush billionaire and spin it up with the blingest of features: up to 30 Free Spins that can re-trigger; a multi-level bonus game where prizes can be multiplied, and Wild icons that double or quadruple  your wins  -  all ensuring you feel perfectly pampered and well looked after.



Fruity Spins | Slot

Our very first 243-Ways-to-Win (aka All-Ways) 5X3 video slot game! With max wins of x417 the total bet, Fruity Spins offers players multiple chances to win with every spin at the price of a single bet + big paying Scatter icons that award them with Free Spins!  


Zombie Apocalypse |Slot

5x3 reels |15 paylines | Max wins x15,786 | HTML5, cross-device | portrait & landscape

Lover of Adventure? Action? Sci-Fi? This is your common ground: unite to fight the apocalypse as zombies launch their attack on civilization! Spin for your survival with the help of up to 30 Free Spins (all wins tripledand can re-trigger to earn you a further Free Spins !) plus two extremely cool bonus games with bonus wins that can be multiplied by up to x5, depending on the number of bonus icons you get.


Scratch or Spin - Double the WIN
1 June 2018

Double the fun with the comeback of our beloved classic scratch and our new sweet stirring slot that’ll make players’ heads spin and hands itch for more!

Wild Honey- Buzz-filled 20 payline 2-3-4-3-2 honeycomb-structured video slot visually and aurally designed for a wide range of players with lucrative Free Spins and Bonus round, allowing players to win up to x12,785 the original bet!

Fortune Wheel - Faster, sparklier & mobile-friendly version of the beloved Fortune Wheel scratch game for traditional lottery scratch cards fans with an awesome ‘Spin the Wheel’ Bonus round and max wins of x10,000 the bet.